How We Sell

How We Sell Heading

Relax. We Got This.

You want to Sell Your Home, at the Highest Price, As Fast as Possible, with the Least Amount of Inconvenience to Your Life.


We have spent over 15 years perfecting our Selling Process so that you can spend more time with your Friends & Family.


Step One
Initial Consultation

Meet. Evaluate. Set Goals. Create A Plan.

Together, we will Evaluate Your Home along with similar homes on the market, Set Goals & Expectations and Create a Plan to reach, or more likely, Exceed your Goals.

GOAL #1: Net the Most Amount of Money when You Sell
GOAL #2: Sell in the Shortest Timeframe Possible
GOAL #3: Sell with the LEAST amount of Inconvenience

Step Two
Establish List Price

The Most Crucial Step

The Market is moving to a Buyer's Market, so pricing your home is the most Critical Step. Our team has the skills & knowledge to weigh all the factors involved: from the condition of your home to the location to the value of similar homes & the current demand in the market.

Step Three
Preparing Your Home

Clean. Declutter. Repair. Refresh. Stage.

You only make a FIRST IMPRESSION once.

We will work with you to decide what needs to be donated or thrown out, what needs to be packed and what we can use to stage your home beautifully.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Sell Your Home to see the absolute miracles our team has pulled off.

Step Four
Unique Marketing

Stunning Photography + Unique Marketing Strategy = SUCCESS

After your property is prepped, our ACE photographer makes sure your home looks ABSOLUTELY. STUNNING.

Your property is Unique and deserves a Creative, Unique Marketing Strategy, especially when Days on Market is going up & Prices are coming down.

Step Five
Create a WIN / WIN

Show. Negotiate. Close Escrow Effortlessly.

We arrive early to ensure your home is “Show Ready” and greet the Broker/Buyer(s) at the door to welcome them as if they are family & friends arriving for a celebration.

Although we are FIERCE negotiators on your behalf, we always create a collaborative agreement and close escrow effortlessly. It's a WIN / WIN for all parties.