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Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Buyers for our Paradise Valley listing were “on the fence”. We presented the “Total Cost of Ownership” argument.


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Does Staging Sell Homes?

We know so. We have so many examples where our Staging made all the difference.

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Fierce Buyer Negotiations

During Covid, there was NOTHING available for our Buyers.

See how we got them the homes they wanted >>

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Dog Sells Home

What? How can a dog sell a home? We used Marcia’s dog (Cody) in our marketing because every family has a dog in Arcadia (Phoenix)!

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Saved From a Short Sale

These Sellers had their McCormick Ranch (Scottsdale) property on the market for 143 days with another Broker after they moved out of the country. We took over and sold their home quickly and for more money so that they didn't have to declare a Short Sale.

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Garage Sale

This property was over $1M in Paradise Valley and DID NOT HAVE A GARAGE. THE HORROR! So we had a Garage Sale.... it's a good read!

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Cleaned, Repaired, Staged, Sold!

We represented the Buyer who then became the Seller.  Our Team had to completely change the look of the house to sell it to cover the $80K in real estate fees the Owner would incure.  We call it the CAT HOUSE.  'Nuff said.

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We  helped this NEW investor negotiate the Buy and then handled the remodel of t his property in Arcadia (Phoenix) and made him a whopping $170,000 profit, DURING. THE. SUMMER.

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Dog Sells Home..AGAIN!

WHAT?  Cody does it again.  He is a wonder dog and cooperative fully in our crazy Marketing Campaigns

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Lipstick on a Pig

Our client got caught up in the 2006 “take all the equity out of your home and get an interest only loan!”. The home had been rented for 10 years and the loan was going to convert from “interest only” to a “principal + interest”, doubling the monthly payment, so we Put Lipstick on a Pig and saved our Client from bankruptcy.

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Sold Through Connections

We sold 2 homes in Paradise Valley through our connections in the community.

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Cap Rate / Investment Property

We knew this 5-acre property in North Scottsdale would never sell as a Private Residence.

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