That is how I would describe Marcia Canady & the Team at Champion Properties of Arizona! They are EXCEPTIONAL.   They helped me sell my 20-acre Ranch in Wickenburg AND find the perfect home for me in Scottsdale, during Covid-19, in a Seller’s Market. 

They are unbelievable negotiators AND acted as the General Contractor for my 9-month remodel!  They helped me in more ways than just real estate...I am so grateful!  See my story in the “Success Stories” section under "Fierce Buyer Negotiations"...there's so much more to tell.

It was a very hard time for me as my husband of almost 60 years passed away…and this team was sympathetic and kind and helped me with everything….Above and Beyond the usual real estate tasks.

Although we used another Broker in Wickenburg, Marcia staged the house and worked with the photographer to ensure the photos were perfect.   She also arranged for a “roper” to bring her horses to our stables and filmed them “roping” to show our property in its best light.  She created the most creative video and marketed the property online.

While my home was on the market, Marcia and The Team helped me to find a new home in Scottsdale.  We looked at SO. MANY. HOMES.  

When we received an offer, The Team found the best home for me.  It was not on the market yet and the Seller had recently lost her husband, so she didn’t want to show it.  Marcia explained our situation to the Broker and created a way to see the home without being intrusive to the Seller.   Marcia walked through the home with her video camera and realized that this was going to be MY HOME! 

She sent the video to me (it definitely was MY HOME!), we made the offer and the Seller accepted.  The best part, the purchase price negotiated was so low, that even though I spent almost $150K in remodeling, I STILL have equity in the home.  Marcia presents offers in such a way that the other party feels like it is a WIN-WIN situation…but don’t let her fool you, she is a cutthroat negotiator!

The Team lined up contractors, ordered tiles, flooring etc. and supervised every detail (during COVID!) for almost 10 months!   It was an enormous task, but I am now in the most beautiful home and very happy.


Marcia also helped me with personal items….she is a “technology wizard” and helped me every time I needed something for my computer, she took me to my doctor’s appointments, helped with bills and we shared many lunches together!